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    About Us


    Simply Better...

    A Better Label for your Product



    PT. Express Grafika is a family owned company founded in 1995.


    We are a full service printing company with primary emphasis on Barcode, Computer, Electronics, and Self Adhesive Labels.

    We offer printing for specialized needs for Ribbon, Printhead, and Printer Products. Since our founding, we have shown steady growth in serving the printing needs for companies in Indonesia.


    Our Company has grown from its first two employees to over seventy. We utilize the latest technological equipment and security systems for computerized production.

    Our Management, Sales, Production, Support, and Shipping Department are in place to support every customer's needs.



    Our Vision


    To always improve the company's standards for quality and service.

    To continually build a strong professional staff.

    To become the leader in new product innovations.

    To achieve superiority in technological production.




    Our Mission


    Express Grafika to be the most competitive commercial printer while at the same time initiating the highest standards in Customer Satisfaction.

    To produce quality printed products through improved efficiency and processes by building a teamwork approach with employees and supplier.

    To offer our customers a real alliance that includes such intangibles as confidence, reliability and superior service and knowing that Express Grafika will be there to answer questions and help at important times.



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